Physically holding a print is something that I absolutely adore. It marks the end of a journey, it's the final chapter of the story.
So much goes into creating a piece of work that I feel can become a print, that it really does create a sense of overwhelming joy when a print arrives.
I currently have 3 limited edition prints available and all are printed professionally. I wish to offer real exclusivity to this print set and for this reason, I have limited the number to 15 prints for the A3 and 10 prints for the A2 prints.
light rays over parkhouse hill 900b


This very cold February morning was one of my first vlogs. The light wasn't what I had hoped for first thing, but I decided to stick around anyway as the cloud was moving rapidly and I was hoping for something special to happen. After around 4 hours I was rewarded by some beautiful rays of light hitting park house hill and was able to capture a lovely black and white shot that really captured the moment.

Location: Chrome hill, Peak district national park

Paper type: Hahnemühle Fine Art Pearl 285gsm

A3 costs £95 currently 9 available from 15
A2 costs £135 currently 7 available from 10

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This was my first photography trip to Snowdonia and definitely will not be my last. I managed to find some interesting compositions during the morning however the light was really harsh and didn't lend itself particularly well to landscape photography. The afternoon, however, was completely different as a bank of heavy cloud moved across the Tryfan mountain range in the background. I was able to capture this image with the moody skies and black waters of Lynn Ogwen. I used a circular polarizer to take the shine of the water to help keep it a lovely rich shade of black.

Location: Llyn Ogwen, Snowdonia national park

Paper type: Fujifilm Fine Art photo rag 300gsm

A3 costs £95 currently 4 available from 15
A2 costs £135 currently 6 available from 10

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The black boulders of Dunstanburgh castle 900PXb


The pure blue sky meant I had to look for a composition with a strong foreground and equally strong focal point. Dunstanburgh castle didn't disappoint and perfectly suited a black and white conversion. I used a polarizer and a 10 stop filter to get a long enough shutter speed to smooth out the water and to cut through some of the glare on the beautiful black shiny boulders that fill this area of the beach. I had to dodge the set waves and also be wary of the particularly slippery rocks.

Location: Dunstanburgh Castle, Northumberland

Paper type: Hahnemühle Fine Art Pearl 285gsm

A3 costs £95 currently 11 available from 15
A2 costs £135 currently 4 available from 10

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These images all appear in my vlogs, if you would like to find out more behind the story, please feel free to check out my youtube channel.
My limited edition prints may come slightly different to the specified sizes, this is due to the different crop ratios. The prints are limited to the number shown above. Not at any point will they be printed again once the edition has been completed. Print prices may increase as the edition nears its end. All prints come hand signed on the rear of the print with the date and edition number. You will receive the print in a plastic envelope inside a hard backed cardboard box envelope. I do my best to get limited edition print orders shipped within in 2 weeks. If you need any more information please contact me via the contact form. Thank you for considering to purchase one of my limited edition prints. it really does mean the world that you are helping to support my channel and landscape photography journey.