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Landscape photography in Ceredigion is absolutely fantastic and well worth a visit if you are looking to get away from the crowds. It's quiet, even during the summer months which is a real bonus for us landscape photographers. The weather wasn't great for the first part of the week, but it didn't stop us getting out and enjoying the beaches. Our favourites being Aberporth, Tresaith and Penbryn. All of the previously mentioned beaches are situated within the county of Ceredigion and offer great opportunities if you are interested in capturing seascapes. Mid wales can often get overlooked as other areas such as Snowdonnia and the Brecons are far more popular places for landscape photoghraphy. But this is why the place kind of pulls me in, I just love to shoot places that I haven't seen photographed already.


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The first and second shot were taken from Tresaith beach (marked A on the map), which is a delightful little cove. If you are lucky you may be able to park right near the beach, if not there is a car park further up the hill which has a fee of £2. Once on the beach you will be greeted with views looking north and across the bay to the west. The Sun doesn't set into the sea here, but comes down just over the headland. I headed to the north of the beach where the rocks give a lot of different compositions depending on the tide. At low tide you can also walk around to a smaller beach. If the rain has been falling you may be lucky and get some nice water coming over the cliff edge which creates Gwalia falls.

tresaith beach landscape

I was itching to take on some long exposure images and I am so pleased with how these images turned out. This shot looking back across the bay was my pick of the two, mainly because of the light and the little path that lets the eye wander through the scene from the right all the way to the sun. The light was just incredible, it really was. I pushed the Fuji X-T2 to it's absolute limit here, managing to get the image in one shot without any grads. Pretty remarkable really for a crop sensor mirror-less camera. I used the 10 stop Cokin Nuances filter and my Hoya pro circular polarizer to get an exposure time of 22 seconds.
Focal length 13mm - Aperture F8 - sutter speed 22 seconds - iso 200 - fuji x-t2 10mm-24mm f4 lens

tresaith waterfall landscape

I had to be so quick here, and as you will see in the vlog I was panicking a little with the incoming tide. All turned out well though and I managed to capture a nice image of the falls draining into the ocean. Overall I like the shot, however if I could go back and do it again, I would have perhaps gone with a shorter exposure time. I think I would have preferred a little more texture to the sea. Maybe a 3 stop filter would have been enough. That being said how often do you find yourself with 2 compositions within a meter of each other. Happy days :)
Focal length 15mm- Aperture F9 - shutter speed 124 seconds - iso 200 - fuji x-t2 10mm-24mm f4 lens

The following morning I woke at 5.30am and headed town to Cenarth falls ( marked C on the map ). A stunning location and plenty of opportunities for images all the way along this stretch of the river Teifi. Unfortunately the water wasn't high enough to capture the iconic shot of the mill house and falls together but that really didn't matter as conditions were just perfect for atmospheric misty landscape photography. Parking is easy and literally next to the mill house . A nice location down stream will also offer a nice shot of the stone bridge if you have time.

river teifi landscape photo

I really liked the scene that appeared through the beech trees as I approached the end of the path. Everything seems to fit really well and looks pleasing to the eye. I must admit though, this is a blend of 2 exposures, as I mentioned in the vlog the dynamic range in the shot was too great for the x-t2. I used the Hoya pro circular Polarizer to take the glare off the water and a 3 stop grad to hold back some of the highlights in the upper left corner. overall I am pretty stoked about this shot.
Focal length 10mm - Aperture F8 - iso 200 - Shutter speed 1/10 & 1/60 fuji x-t2 10mm-24mm f4 lens

cenarth mist

When I first arrived I sent the drone up to capture the mist which had nestled in the valley, unfortunately just after the drone reached the mist my phone battery died on me, so I lost all visuals. I did manage to capture a short piece of video footage and a rather nice shot looking up the valley, which was a nice surprise when I got back and uploaded the card.

The final shot from Cenarth which was my personal favourite will appear in next weeks vlog and will also be added to my PRINT box set. Please check back here next week to take a look at it in more detail ( image coming soon )

The final day of our trip was absolutely gorgeous 20 degrees c and light winds. So we packed up some firewood and BBQ gear and headed up to Penbryn beach ( marked B on the map ) for sunset. I didn't really plan to shoot that evening but decided to take my gear along anyhow. As you can see below I was really glad i did :)

penbryn beach landscape

So, Penbryn beach isn't the easiest to get too, but well worth it if you can. The single track road eventually ends at the beach, however you can only park here before 9am and after 6pm if you come during the day you will find parking (£4) and a nice cafe about half a mile inland. When on the beach you will find a lovely stretch of sand which lasts about a mile. The south offers rocky compositions looking back towards Tresaith. The north side has some lovely sea caves and at low tide you can walk around to a smaller beach. For this shot I was situated pretty much in the middle of the beach. Off came the boots and in I went, ankle deep and keeping hold of my tripod I managed to capture a cracking shot the lets your eye take a wander down the converging waves, around the headland and on to the sun. I also like how the patterns in the foreground sea match the clouds.
Focal length 10mm - Aperture F8 - Shutter 1/4 second - iso 200 - Circular polarizer. fuji x-t2 10mm-24mm f4 lens

Thanks for reading and if you haven't checked out the vlog yet, please do so by clicking the video below. If you would like to support my channel and blog I am offering a box set of prints with all of the images shown here and also the one from next weeks vlog too.They will come printed on lustre, archival paper at 10" to the longest edge. All of the prints will be contained in a natural boutique box. Please click below to be directed to my print store I would very much appreciate it.


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