My boutique portrait studio is located in little Harrowden, Northamptonshire and caters for couples, families, children and babies. My aim being to deliver a unique set of fine art portraits that capture natural expressions and emotion.

What is a boutique photography studio experience?

Many high street portrait studios have a set format that they stick to when conducting portrait photography sessions. The emphasis being on keeping the costs low and the volume high. This is fine, but you do tend to end up with a rather generic looking set of images. The promise of free key rings and low cost prints doesn't appeal to me.

I aim to do something different. I treat each client as an individual and I want my clients to feel comfortable because when they do, sessions tend to evolve in a natural way.
I am very passionate about my style of photography and aim to capture the true character of the individual I'm shooting. Through their personality and their natural body language, the image should be a true reflection of the person.

I want my clients to be able to look at one of my portraits and to connect with it emotionally, to actually feel the person in the image.
I will use my experience and technical abilities to create for you, a beautifully lit piece of artwork that you will never tire of looking at and that is sure to become a talking point in your home for many years.

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What's the next step?

Firstly contact me via phone or the contact page. We can then either hold our pre-shoot consultation over the phone or if you would prefer, come to my studio to discuss your shoot. This is a good opportunity for us to get to know each other a little and for you to discuss any ideas you may have about the type of images you hope to receive. We then arrange a mutually agreeable date and take the £25 booking fee to secure your studio session.
A typical shoot will last between 1-2 hours. This time can vary and is client led. Small children can tend to become restless more quickly so I would normally do any of the more technical shots that involve different lighting set ups first. I like the session to be fun so we'll have some music playing and I'm happy to keep shooting as long we are getting some good images.
After your session we will have a lot of images. I will go through these and edit the very best. You are then invited back for a viewing the following week. At this point you can select your favourite images and choose from our range of stunning fine art products. From elegantly framed prints to canvas stretches and fine art panels, there is something to suit everyone. My average client spend is between £350-£1,200, depending on the number and size of the pieces chosen.

Ian Worth photography prides it self on delivering a great customer experience with the aim of creating beautiful pieces of artwork that you will cherish for a lifetime.

We have an array of beautiful fine art products to showcase your favourite images with many sizes and mount options available.
We also offer digital packages starting from £320

To book a studio shoot please click here.







To book a studio shoot please click here.