Hi, I'm Ian and I'm a full time, professional wedding and studio photographer. My interest in photography began many years ago, whilst my girlfriend and I were travelling the world. We visited so many incredible places and each new country brought with it, new and interesting people. This was when I discovered a love of documenting experiences through the camera lens.

It was fascinating, photographing the people we met along the way. I found that I had the ability to capture images, that were at the same time, both beautiful and evocative.
I would aim to immortalize the atmosphere of a moment with candid shots and by finding clever ways to use light. I'm still moved when I look back at some of the images I took then. They have become a part of my personal history- my memories.

As a wedding and portrait photographer, I use the same photo journalistic approach. I aim to capture images that are beautiful and elegant, but more than that, I try to capture images that my clients will connect with on an emotional level.
Its the little details that bring an image to life, a subconscious exchange between two people through a certain glance, a reassuring touch, or a giggling child...these little events are what makes photographs personal to you.

I'm fortunate enough to have a job that I really love doing and I think that when your really passionate about doing something, it shows in the quality of your work. I think a picture can say a thousand words, its a captured memory and it won't fade.

I'm genuinely always excited about new opportunities to photograph people and that is why I think I have the best job in world...

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